• A study published in Neurology shows that small, temporary plateaus and reversals are more common in ALS than we thought, and should not necessarily be interpreted as an ALS treatment effect.
  • We partner with The American College of Cardiology to bring patient focus to diabetes research and care.
  • An extensive study published in the Sleep Medicine Journal shows that sleep issues are much more prevalent across chronic diseases than have been broadly understood, and that compared to just 9% of the general US population, 78% of patients with chronic conditions were at risk for insomnia.
  • The PatientsLikeMe Team of Advisors, a patient only advisory team, creates and publishes the 'Best Practices Guide for Researchers,' which outlines steps for how researchers can meaningfully partner with patients.
  • Our study on medical marijuana reveals that patients with certain conditions believe it is the best available treatment for them, with fewer side effects than other options and few risks.
  • We sign an unprecedented collaboration with the FDA to explore how patient-reported data can give new insights into drug safety.
  • An article in Clinical Researcher magazine by PatientsLikeMe and partner Genentech discusses how engaging patients will change clinical trials for the better.
  • Our study with Biogen, which used a wearable device to monitor walking activity in people with MS, is featured in BusinessWeek and at the annual conference of the American Academy of Neurology.