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"PatientsLikeMe is a great way to connect with others living with MS, to compare symptoms and offer suggestions. I use it as a helpful tool to track my disease progression, keep notes, and learn from others."

"PLM is like having a virtual support group. Being able to connect with others who can relate to your condition is priceless. I have had some valuable conversations and established friendships with people through PLM. I have also referred PLM to family and friends. PLM is a great way for me to track my condition and share details with my healthcare providers."

"Since joining PLM I have found support and courage to let others know what it is like to have a condition like mine. I hope my story helps let others know all is not lost. PLM helps me keep daily tracks of my moods, my aches, my seizures which I have always wanted to do! To make some one feel better is what I do best! With that PLM ROCKS!"