Renee Deehan Kenney

Vice President, Computational Biology


Renee Deehan Kenney

A molecular biologist by training, Renee has spent the last decade guiding drug discovery and biomarker development by designing and building high resolution molecular models of disease, and creating systems that find meaning in big biological data. Her team of biologists and computational biologists are spearheading our most innovative projects, which are focused on using modeling strategies such as deep learning and neural network applications to understand the molecular underpinnings of health and disease.

Renee was previously Senior Vice President of Research and Chief Scientific Officer at Selventa. In that role, she set the scientific direction for the company’s personalized medicine strategy and built a multidisciplinary team of biologists and computational biologists to characterize disease biology and identify target pathways. Before that Renee was Selventa’s Senior Director of Scientific Research Operations, responsible for designing and building the company’s biomarker discovery platform.

Renee holds a doctoral degree in molecular and cell biology from the University of California, Berkeley and a bachelor of science degree in bioengineering with a minor in mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania.