PatientsLikeMe and CATCH to Accelerate Testing and Adoption of New Disease Diagnostics and Phenotypes


"A renewed focus on phenotypes and a democratic, open approach to measuring wellness and disease will enable a new partnership between individuals and their physicians"

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--PatientsLikeMe and The Center for Assessment Technology and Continuous Health (CATCH) have formed a collaboration that will help unlock the potential of academic discoveries and bring integrated phenomics to the process of early discovery.

“Significant inventions often occur within academic settings and lead to new insights into how to care for, manage or diagnose disease, but they can stagnate because of the time and resources needed to move them to broader validation,” said PatientsLikeMe Co-Founder and Chairman Jamie Heywood. “Pairing PatientsLikeMe’s large scale virtual registry with the groundbreaking research being done within the CATCH framework at Boston’s best medical institutions will help solve this translational gap and accelerate discovery.”

Based at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), and collaborating with various groups at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), CATCH seeks to discover new ways to quantitatively measure the human condition in health and disease. CATCH has convened a multidisciplinary group of engineers, physicians and industry partners to pioneer new human measurements (phenotypes), as well as the integrative analytic methods needed to interpret these measurements in the context of clinical and genetic data. These phenotypes, particularly ones that can be measured in the context of individuals' daily lives, will transform how individuals monitor their own health, and how physicians prevent, diagnose and treat disease.

"A renewed focus on phenotypes and a democratic, open approach to measuring wellness and disease will enable a new partnership between individuals and their physicians," said Dennis Ausiello, M.D., CATCH’s Co-Founder and Director. "This collaboration with PatientsLikeMe will ensure our work is tested and validated in the real world and brought to the discovery and development process far sooner than was ever before possible.”

The collaboration will initially focus on integrating the PatientsLikeMe virtual registry with several of CATCH’s clinical research initiatives. Both CATCH and PatientsLikeMe researchers will combine data and develop models for rapid translation from the lab to the bedside to the large-scale vertical network. PatientsLikeMe will also bring its tools for patient engagement and feedback into the clinic for the first time, to help create a shared learning environment between leading doctors and a broad group of patients working together to improve disease care, outcomes and value.

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