Key Management

  • Jamie Heywood
    Jamie Heywood
    Co-Founder, Chairman

    An MIT-trained mechanical engineer, Jamie entered the field of translational medicine when his 29 year old brother Stephen was diagnosed with ALS, or Lou Gehrig's Disease. Described by CNNMoney as one of the 15 companies that will change the world, Jamie co-founded PatientsLikeMe to ensure patient outcomes become the primary driver of the medical care and discovery process. Jamie is also the founder and past CEO of the ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI), the world's first non-profit biotechnology company.

  • Ben Heywood
    Ben Heywood
    Co-Founder, President

    Ben has overseen all stages of PatientsLikeMe’s growth, including financing, expansion of patient communities and business partnerships and product strategy. Ben is a frequent speaker at conferences and an expert source for media on patient issues and patient-centered care. Previously, he served in manufacturing and business development roles at Target Therapeutics. Ben earned his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his master’s degree in Business Administration from UCLA’s Anderson Graduate School of Management.

  • Martin Coulter
    Martin Coulter
    Chief Executive Officer

    Martin Coulter was appointed CEO of PatientsLikeMe in 2013 and oversees all of the company’s business operations. His focus is on growing and evolving the company so that it can better serve members and industry partners.

  • Michael Evers
    Michael Evers
    Executive Vice President of Marketing, Technology & Operations

    Michael focuses on creating value for patients and directing the company’s marketing, engineering, user experience and design, product management, patient advocacy and government compliance teams. He joined PatientsLikeMe as Executive Vice President of Marketing in 2012.  Since then he has tripled the company’s member base to 325,000 members and significantly increased engagement on the site.

  • Monique Levy
    Monique Levy
    Senior Vice President, Head of Customer Strategy and Value Delivery

    Monique Levy is Senior Vice President, Head of Customer Strategy and Value Delivery. In this role, Levy uses her extensive digital health experience to shape how PatientsLikeMe’s life science partners leverage patient-centered strategies and technologies to transform their operations and meet emerging patient needs. She reports to Executive Vice President Ed Godber, General Manager, PatientsLikeMe Health.

  • Marni Hall, PhD, MPH
    Marni Hall, PhD, MPH
    Senior Vice President, Research and Development, Informatics, and Policy

    Marni Hall develops and directs the strategies and teams focused on expanding the role of real world evidence in precision medicine, and in the research agendas of PatientsLikeMe and its customers. She reports to Executive Vice President Michael Evers.

  • Jeremy Gilbert
    Jeremy Gilbert
    Vice President, PatientsLikeMe Health

    Jeremy Gilbert leads product strategy and development efforts at PatientsLikeMe. Prior to joining the company, he was an Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company’s health care practice, where he led strategy and execution projects forFortune 500 clients. Jeremy has co-founded four technology startups and has invented and launched notable products in e-commerce, mobile, and discovery bioinformatics.

  • Paul Wicks, Ph.D.
    Paul Wicks, Ph.D.
    Vice President of Innovation

    An internationally recognized expert in the psychological aspects of neurodegenerative conditions, Paul is responsible for the scientific and medical validity of PatientsLikeMe’s research platform. He leads a team of experts charged with conducting scientific research that generates insights from the personal health data shared by patient members. Under Paul’s direction, the PatientsLikeMe R&D team has produced numerous peer-reviewed publications in major scientific journals. These include Nature Biotechnology, Movement Disorders and European Journal of Neurology.

  • Sally Okun RN
    Sally Okun RN
    Vice President for Advocacy, Policy and Patient Safety

    As Vice President of Advocacy, Policy and Patient Safety, Sally ensures the patient voice, represented in PatientsLikeMe’s member community, is heard, collected and disseminated to affect better treatment, services and care. Sally also serves as the company’s liaison with government and regulatory agencies. She actively participates in national and international discussions to educate policy makers on the benefits of sharing health data, and to ensure patient needs are at the front of the healthcare discussion.

  • Joy Morel
    Joy Morel
    Senior Vice President, Marketing, Patient Engagement and Business Intelligence

    Joy Morel is Senior Vice President, Marketing, Patient Engagement and Business Intelligence. A global marketing strategist with both business-to-business and business-to-consumer branding experience, she leads the team responsible for creating the strategy and programs that attract and engage new members and bring even greater value to our community. Joy reports to Michael Evers, Executive Vice President of Marketing, Technology and Operations.

  • Jason Johnson
    Jason Johnson
    Senior Scientific Advisor

    Jason works with our leadership team to help define and implement our patient-focused scientific agenda. A leading computational biologist and information science strategist, Jason has been a long-time collaborator with PatientsLikeMe. He was a PatientsLikeMe customer during his 14 years at Merck, where he held senior roles in informatics, R&D and IT. Jason shares his time between PatientsLikeMe and his primary position as the Chief Health Information Officer at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.