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Press Releases

  • 11/29/16 8:00 am EST

    People Living With Chronic Conditions Encouraged to Donate Health Data for 24 Days

    Beginning today on #GivingTuesday, PatientsLikeMe is kicking off its third-annual 24 Days of Giving to celebrate “the tradition of generosity.” Over the next 24 days, PatientsLikeMe is asking members to rally together, rethink what it means to give back and donate their health data on PatientsLikeMe.com after donating to their favorite charity or nonprofit. PatientsLikeMe is giving back, as well. During 24 Days of Giving, the company will oncemore...
  • 11/17/16 9:00 am EST

    Real-World Reports on Use, Effectiveness and Alternative Medications Now Available for Thousands of Brand Name and Generic Drugs

    PatientsLikeMe has expanded the scope of patient-generated information it offers through Walgreens.com to help more people better understand how certain prescription medications may affect them. The new information, which is updated daily and comes from aggregated reports by PatientsLikeMe members, highlights the reasons why patients use specific prescription drugs and how effective they think they are. Also included are listsmore...


  • 5/12/16

    While data gathered on PatientsLikeMe has been used for a variety of purposes, questions remain about the quality of information gathered in this new way. Data collected online in other contexts such as online restaurant reviews may be subject to faking, so how can we be confident that patients are who they say they are? In this study we were able to link 94% of respondents to insurance claims using linking methods, thereby increasing confidence in the data through methods that maintain

  • 5/7/16

    In this site-wide survey of almost 4,000 PLM members we described some of the challenges faced by a subset of dissatisfied patients including difficulty setting treatment goals with their physician and getting enough time with their healthcare professionals. By sampling across different conditions we could also identify those conditions where patients appeared relatively disempowered such as fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome, highlighting the importance of stigma in empowerment. Many

  • 12/1/15

    Although ALS is considered an untreatable and relentlessly progressive disorder, anecdotal evidence suggests that some patients stabilize or even regain function, albeit temporarily, during the course of their disease journey. Using data from the PRO-ACT database our team identified a small subset of patients (7-25%) that did not decline over periods ranging from 6 to 18 months.

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