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  • 10/2/14 1:14 pm EDT

    In his keynote address at the Drug Information Association's (DIA's) 50th annual meeting, Co-Founder and Chairman Jamie Heywood discussed how patients can become partners with industry. The company was also honored with the 2014 DIA President’s Award for Outstanding Achievement in World Health, an award Jamie accepted on behalf of PatientsLikeMe members and staff.

  • 10/18/13 4:36 am EDT

    Presenting at TEDxSpringfield, PatientsLikeMe's Rishi Bhalerao argues the path to innovation in healthcare begins with patients, because they're the ones who know best what it's like to live with a condition. 


  • Patients are increasingly becoming engaged in research, whether as citizen scientists, research partners in the development of studies, or as engaged participants in clinical trials. In this video Q&A, Vice President of Innovation Paul Wicks. PhD, outlines the new era of participant-led research including the potential ethical issues, scientific challenges, and innovative new platforms such as the Open Research Exchange.

  • Treatment burden is the workload imposed by healthcare on patients and the effect it has on quality of life. The Treatment Burden Questionnaire (TBQ) aims to assess treatment burden in different condition and treatment contexts. We used PatientsLikeMe’s Open Research Exchange to evaluate the validity and reliability of an English version of the TBQ, a scale that was originally developed in French.

  • The system of medical discovery does not revolve around patients as unique individuals with preferences, needs, and desires. Rather it revolves around scientific scrutiny, the needs of the sponsor, and the desires for regulatory approval. The patient is only a subject. Is it any wonder, then, that some patients have rejected the current medical paradigm and sought to find their own path?


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